Personalized custom dolls: Design Your perfect Girl

Why there is increased demand for Japanese sex doll?

When choosing your doll, one of the first considerations you will have to make is whether you want her to be Custom built or the same as the photo. Choosing the Same photo option does exactly that. Your doll will be constructed to look exactly like the model in the photographs, down to the wig, eyes, and skin tone. You will be prompted to choose which vaginal option you want and which foot option you want. This is simply to ensure that you receive exactly what you desire and avoid disappointment. If you choose the Custom created option, you will pick all of the small details and swap out any parts that you don’t like. See the index below for a brief rundown of all the unique sex doll options available and what each one entails.


Every head has a name or a number assigned to it. Most dollmakers assign a number to their heads, while others assign names. The doll’s description includes the name or number of the head. The heads of the dolls are not permanently attached to the body of the doll and can be removed or replaced at any moment. Every heads may be made to become visibly different depending on make-up, eye colour, and wig alternative. So click here and take a gaze at all of the fantastic sex doll heads available here.

Eye colour:

A sex doll’s eyes are not lastingly attached and can be changed or removed at any point in time. Changing the colour of your doll’s eyes can completely transform her appearance. Can’t decide on your favourite eye colour? Why not add a second pair of eyeballs so you may alternate between the two colours whenever you want? For some sex doll eyes for you to look at.

Size of Areola:

The nipples are bounded by a circular region called the areola. The distance of the areola is calculated in size. The workshop artists manually finish the areola, which may be manufactured to any size. On the other side, pre-moulded textured parts in the doll’s body can limit the recommended areola sizes and these textured areas are regularly evident in the doll’s photographs. Obviously, you may build the doll’s areola any size you want, as long as it is bigger than the textured region. To maintain good doll aesthetics, at BBdoll shop will always strive to make the areola look as realistic as possible. The nipple style and the shape can’t be changed.

Areola colour:

The nipples are surrounded by a circular region called the areola. The artists manually finish the areola colour, manufactured in any colour. In general, manufacturers recommend keeping the colour of the areola and labia the same or comparable.


What exactly is the distinction? The only difference between them is that one is hollow and the other is not. The hollow breasts are squishier and help reduce the doll’s total weight, especially if you look at a doll with huge boobies.

  • Solid breasts are ordered for dolls with a breast size less than a C cup.
  • Dolls with a breast size greater than a C cup have a hollow breast.

Option for vaginal delivery:

There are two types of vaginal options such as fixed and insert. The permanent vagina option is permanently sculpted into the silicone sex doll’s body. The internal hole of the insert vagina option is somewhat wider to enable a removable sleeve insert, which is supposed to make cleaning easier.

Colour of labia:

Some manufacturers can provide ultra-realistic artistic definition and detail in the naughty portions on request. These are hand-coloured according to your taste and preference. In common, suggests colouring the Labia the same colour as the areola type. If in uncertainty, opt the same colour as the photo on both to ensure that the workshop painters colour the naughty bits the same way they colour the beauty images, which are debatably the dolls best.

Toenail colour and fingernail:

There is not considerably more to say about nail colour than having a choice. Natural fingernails are a good option if you can’t decide between fingernails and toenail colours. They may be painted just like regular fingernails and toenails. Why? Because, much like actual fingernails, you can always paint them later.

Pubic Hair: 

You all heard about pubic hair, and some of you adore it, while others despise it. Pubic hair is obtainable in a selection of styles and colours. Some producers plug the hair into the skin to give the doll a more natural look and feel. Others simply attach the hair to the doll’s skin’s surface.

Moving shoulders:

Dolls with shrugging shoulders are thought to pose for photographs in slightly more realistic ways. This modification does not necessarily improve the sexual experience, but it is especially popular among those who plan to use their doll in photo shoots. Immediately visit to View Upgrades and Accessories, look for the Skeleton upgrade option.


The feet are another important sex doll body element to consider. You include two choices when it arrives at that. Standing or non-standing feet are both options. The key difference is that standing sex dolls can stand erect, which is a major spoiler. Due to this, love dolls have become more universal and easier to store, transfer, and clean. Non-standing feet, on the other hand, will work far better if you have a foot fetish. This is because bolts support standing foot dolls. These fasteners are visible on the bottom, which is a bummer for foot fans. Non-standing sex dolls are also more flexible, which might improve the sex experience greatly if you are into feet.

Other Alternatives:

Aside from that, you can change the mouth, fingernails and toenails, shoulders, and tongue of your doll. You can also add several other accessories and sex toys to your sex doll, such as a penis adaptor. Whatever you want your bespoke sex doll to look like, you can be confident that the bbdoll store will exceed your expectations.

Final Thoughts:

Finally, personalized silicone sex dolls have virtually endless modification choices. There is almost no element of your sex doll’s physique that can’t be personalized, from head to toe. It all boils down to the fact that purchasers of these dolls have widely disparate likes and preferences. Because sex dolls have a somewhat high purchasing price, clients expect everything in them to be to their liking.